Age Assurance

Protect young users and foster responsible online experiences with Privately's privacy-first age verification. Get instant age insights without collecting or sharing personal data, all while keeping everything secure on users' devices. Build age-gated content, ensure compliance, and create safer spaces for everyone—effortlessly.


FaceAssure analyses patterns on faces in order to estimate the ages. It does so with complex statistical rules derived via Deep Learning methods. On top of the core age estimation routine, FaceAssure contains other useful modules for liveness & quality check and user guidance for optimal outcomes.

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VoiceAssure elevates voice analysis, confidently estimating age ranges (0-12, 13-17, 18-24, 25+) and shielding your platform from synthetic voices. No more spoofing worries. Advanced algorithms analyse multiple vocal checks for precise, adaptable results. Unreliable audio? Rejected instantly. Build trusted voice experiences with VoiceAssure - secure, accurate, and always vigilant.

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